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How to cure body aches with ayurvedic medicine

14 Mar, 2023


What Are Body Aches?
Body aches are an uncomfortable symptom caused by muscle inflammation and soreness. Sometimes, body aches can be sharp and intermittent, while in other instances, they may feel more like a prolonged, dull, generalized ache. Most body aches are short-term and harmless, and can be a result of your lifestyle, illness or any underlying condition. Body aches occur when your muscles are inflamed, either through physical stress, or through an immune response. If you stand, walk, or exercise for long periods of time, you may feel achy because those activities can cause muscle stress and strain. If you’re suffering from the flu, a cold, or other communicable diseases, you may also feel body aches. As your body fights off infection, it triggers an immune response that causes short-term muscle inflammation, in turn making you feel uncomfortable, or achy.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Body Aches?
Body aches are often experienced in conjunction with other symptoms, which can be helpful in determining the underlying cause of your soreness. Common symptoms you might experience in addition to body aches include:

  • Fatigue:- You may feel tired, fatigued, exhausted, like it’s difficult to move, or like your body is heavy or weighed down.
  • Chills:- You may also shiver, feel abnormally cold without any cause, or complain that you feel chills running through your body.
  • Fever:- Fevers, or body temperatures of more than 100° F (37.8° C), are often associated with feelings of muscle achiness or soreness.
  • Headache:- Headaches are another symptom commonly linked to body aches.
  • Sore throat:- Body aches and sore throat, nasal congestion, or runny nose can be experienced simultaneously.

What are the common causes of Body Aches
Body aches can be a cause of both short-term ailments and long-term conditions. Healthy people may experience body aches after standing, walking, or exercising for a prolonged period of time. In others, body aches are a sign of an underlying medical condition or infection.

Common causes of body aches include:-

  • Stress: Exposure to prolonged stress can trigger widespread inflammation, muscle tension, and pain.
  • Lack of sleep: Regular sleep deprivation can contribute to the development of chronic pain. Sleeping gives your body a chance to repair and recuperate from your daily activities. If you can’t or don’t sleep, your body’s repair cycle becomes disrupted, which can lead to feeling more aches and pains.
  • Dehydration: When you lose more fluids than you take in, you become dehydrated, a condition that can cause muscle cramps, tension, and fatigue.
  • Fluid retention: Certain conditions can cause your body to abnormally retain water, leading to swelling, inflammation, cramps, pain, and muscle soreness.
  • Infections and viruses: Viral and bacterial infections like head colds, influenza, and coronavirus (COVID-19) trigger an immune system response that can cause muscle inflammation and body aches.
  • Hypokalemia: Hypokalemia, or low potassium, can affect your body’s nerves and muscles and lead to cramps and pain.
  • Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia, a condition that affects the central nervous system, often causes muscle aches, stiffness, and fatigue.
  • Myositis: Chronic muscle pain, as well as fatigue and general discomfort, can be signs of myositis.
  • Arthritis: If you have arthritis, your immune system attacks the healthy tissue that lines your joints, leading to inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Lupus: Lupus, an autoimmune disorder, can cause aches and pains.
  • Multiple sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder that affects your central nervous system and can cause symptoms that include body aches and pain.

What’s the fastest way to get rid of body aches?
Body aches have a wide range of underlying causes. It may sound counter-intuitive, but in many instances stretching and light exercise may be the quickest way to get rid of body aches. Other quick remedies include:

  • Walking and swimming:- This may be especially beneficial for reducing back and knee pain.
  • Doing arm exercises and shoulder rolls:- These exercises can be helpful for calming down shoulder pain.
  • Alternating ice and heat therapy:- This may get quick results for join pain.
  • Taking a hot bath:-This can quickly alleviate back pain.

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