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Best Ayurvedic Tablets And Powder for Immunity Booster

02 Mar, 2023


Boost Your Immunity With Ayurveda
Ayurveda looks at the functioning of the human body in a holistic manner. When you consider that all our organ systems are so interdependent, this makes absolute sense. To bring one’s body and health to optimum levels, one must achieve complete balance. Ayurveda defines three Doshas that govern the different functions of the body; Vata Dosha, Kapha Dosha, and Pitta Dosha. The balance of these three Doshas keeps the body functioning without any problems.

Digestion is the key to the continuing good health of a person. Ayurvedic immunity booster supplements and practices aim to keep digestive fire strong. This is because digestion metabolizes the food into the Dhatus or tissues of the body. When the digestive and metabolic process is inadequate, it creates a toxic metabolic waste called Ama. This Ama infiltrates the Dhatus and causes a host of health problems. Ama also causes inflammation in the body. 

DIVINE-9 is composed of natural ingredients that relieve Ama from the body. These cleansing and detoxifying ingredients help in removing the Ama that comprises a person’s immunity. To restrict Ama formation, one should also maintain a healthy and regular meal and sleep routine. Food should be eaten warm and appropriate to the season. Fresh food is preferable to preserved food. 


Our immunity depends on various factors

  • Health of Ojas
  • Our Digestive power or Agni
  • Balance of tri doshas within our body
  • Balance of our manasic doshas.
  • Keeping our channels (stores open)

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

Ayurveda points out the following signs be an indication of a weak immune system:-

  • Your stress levels are high. Now, this is where you might be sucked into an infinite ‘cause and effect’ loop. Chronic stress leads to poor immunity, and when you have poor immunity, you become susceptible to various physical illnesses and are unable to deliver on your social and work commitments. This can be really stressful, and the cycle starts over.
  • You always suffer from cold - all it takes is a short bike ride at night and inhaling dust along the way.
  • You experience stomach disorders frequently due to impaired digestion.
  • Your wounds don’t heal fast
  • You have frequent infections
  • You feel tired and lethargic all the time

You can take the immunity booster Ayurvedic DIVINE-9 to help your immune system based on the recommendations of Dhanwantri Pharmaceutical. 

What naturally boosts immunity?

Ayurveda suggests some vital tips to boost your immune system naturally. While natural herbs and certain Ayurvedic DIVINE-9 supplements boost immunity, the following tips help you in achieving the same:-

  • Consume Ayurveda recommended diet for boosting immunity
  • Add immune-strengthening herbs to your diet, including food and beverages
  • Keep stress levels under control
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Exercise regularly

You can also take Ayurvedic DIVINE-9 for boosting immunity. 

What are some factors that affect our immunity negatively as per Ayurveda?

You might think that the strength of your immune system is decided at birth. But, that’s not true. Very rarely are people born with a primary immune system disorder. For most people, their erratic and irregular lifestyle is the reason behind a weak immune system.

The following factors affect your immune system negatively -

  • Overthinking and anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Untimely, unhygienic foods, cold foods, or spicy and processed foods
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excess strain on eyes and other senses
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Erratic sleep schedule - staying awake late at night

Some kitchen spices that can be used to increase immunity:-

  • Garlic can be added to everyday cooking.
  • Haldi can be had with warm milk.
  • Jeera can be used in seasoning.
  • Draksha can be soaked in water and can be had in the morning every day.
  • Black pepper a pinch of its powder can be had with honey.
  • Cinnamon can be had with Tulsi in the form of tea.


1. How can I make my immune system strong through Ayurveda?

Ayurveda considers the functioning of the human body to be a holistic system of interdependent organs that need to perform at their optimum levels. In other words, the Doshas should be at their optimum levels to ensure smooth bodily functioning, and digestion should be a smooth and complete process. You can count on immunity booster Ayurvedic products and supplements to help reduce and prevent the buildup of toxins caused due to inadequate digestion. 

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